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OpenSSL For OpenVMS

By: Robert Alan Byer


This is my OpenSSL for OpenVMS page. I've been working on SSLeay for OpenVMS for a few years now and as of the past year I have been working closely with Richard Levitte to make a more complete and bug free port of SSLeay to OpenVMS. As of late, SSLeay has fallen to the way side and OpenSSL has emerged so Richard Levitte and I have moved in that direction also to bring OpenSSL to the OpenVMS platform. Everything contained in this page is taken from my personal notes and experiences for building OpenSSL on OpenVMS and if you follow the directions you should have no problems. I welcome any and all e-mail about problems, bugs, fixes and updates and flames will be ignored. While OpenSSL is new, it still has some bugs. I don't clame to know everything about the package so I can't guarantee that I will have answers to everyone's questions and problems, but I'll do my best.

1. General Information.

2. Building And Installing OpenSSL For OpenVMS.

3. OpenSSL Certificate Creation & Signing.

4. Applications With OpenSSL Support.

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